Home Buying Process N Outline To Set Expectations Accurately

Dated: 04/13/2018

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Home Buying Process

I am comfortable that we share the same goals and are dedicated to the same outcome, closing!

In our efforts to move forward to this end I have outlined the most common steps in the process:

AGENT – Guide to contracting a suitable home to meet your agenda – that’s me of course.

Making an offer: provide a text/email with the following to agent:

Buyers names(s), email(s) for each buyer and current address. Offer price, preapproval or POF.

Picking a talented Lawyer that  is a “real estate attorney”. Must possess top level negotiation skills for contract review, inspection, appraisal and is your closing advisor where their fiduciary responsibilities, loyalty and trust are to you!

Mortgage/Appraisal process – Apply for mortgage and send your docs to get the appraisal ordered quickly.

Inspector – Google, friends “guy”, local top professional (my choice). Must be licensed!!!

  • The goal here is to have all the information necessary to make wise decisions along the way. The appraisal/mortgage and inspection contingencies serve as your value guide to owning the home with confidence. So, give the lawyer and the mortgage originator all the tools to do a great job.

Looking forward to helping you with your exciting and successful purchase!


Eric Funk

Licensed Realtor

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